Uploading documents

  1. You can access the documents section via the "Content" menu of the navigation bar. Alternatively, you can follow the link on the dashboard.

  2. If you already uploaded documents, you will find them there. If you want to upload a new document use the "New Document" button directly above the list.

    Upload a new document button
  3. Select the file or files you want to upload in OXOMI and make the settings for the files. You will find further explanations regarding functions of document settings here:

     Tags (link coming soon),  Brands,  Level of trade,  Document types,  Internationalization (link coming soon) and  Partner roles.

    You can also use settings of previous uploads as a template in order to avoid repetitions of steps for documents with the same settings.

    Note: The settings of a document can be changed anytime. However, in order to avoid unintentional forwarding, the parameters should be checked for correctness while uploading, especially when using templates.

  4. As a last step, click on "Start processing" to upload the document (processing time depends on document size and can be seen in the drop-down menu in the upper right using the button "Jobs").

Done! If you enabled sharing this document with your partners, it is now available for display in their OXOMI portals.