Partner roles

Partner roles are a way to make content “exclusively” accessible to certain partners. For this reason, this function only makes sense if you are handing over content.

By using partner roles you can illustrate all kinds of different user groups. Only the partner with role X can see and access documents with the assigned partner role X.


You have a small circle of merchants selling your products exclusively. You would now like to provide these wholesalers with an promotion sheet for this product.

Solution: create a partner role "Exclusive Wholesaler" and assign it to your respective partners and, on the other hand, the affected documents.

Step by step

Create partner roles

The "Partner" menu is located in the navigation bar. Within the item "Partner roles" you can create new partner roles, control the roles which are already created as well as edit them.

Partner roles overview

Assign partner roles to documents

Navigate to the details page of the document to which you want to assign a partner role. In its property, a partner role can be assigned in the "Transfer" section.

Assign partner roles to document

Assign the partner roles to the partners

Go to the "Partner" tab in the navigation bar and click on the desired partner.
The section "Partner role" contains all available partner roles which you can assign to the desired partner.

Assign partner roles to partner