First Steps: Wholesalers

In order to use all the advantages of OXOMI as a dealer, simply follow the steps below and you will not forget anything important.

1. Get to know the Interface

First get used to the OXOMI-Interface. We apply modern technology to enhance easy to use software for several user groups. Browse through OXOMI which gives you a first impression.

2. Create User

Administrators are specifically selected users and have control over partnerships, portals, and the documents on the portal - So that someone can always take care of such things, it is best to provide several users with appropriate rights.

Please click here for further information:  Create User.

3. Configure the portal

Your portals must be adapted to your individual requirements. Firstly, the question arises as for what a portal should be used for, because the configuration of the portal depends on this. Is the portal publicly accessible and therefore intended for end users, or is it login-protected and should serve as an internal information database? Should the portal view provided by OXOMI be used or will the portal be integrated with its contents into a foreign system (Onlineshop, ERP, Website ...)?

Configure your portals by using the available input mask. Navigate to the portal overview page by clicking on the function "Portal" in the main navigation. All your portals are listed here. By clicking on "Details" you end up in the settings of the respective portal, here you can configure it.

Here it is important to choose a "name" and the appropriate  level of trade for your application. Optionally the "code" of the portal can be adapted, which makes it easy for you to identify the portal. Normally these settings are preset by default. For changes, please contact our support team.

4. Request partnerships

In order for your portal to be filled with content, you must now request partnerships to the manufacturers. As soon as they have confirmed the request, their catalogs and documents can be transferred to your portals.

You can find detailed information about the  partnerships and how to  request partnerships on the corresponding help pages.

Manufacturers that are not yet in OXOMI can be created as trademarks, so only the documents need to be uploaded and assigned to complete your portal. In order to save this effort in the long term, you can suggest a partner under the menu item "Partner" of the main navigation. So we can forward your interest in providing its data in OXOMI. For details, see the section  Suggest partner (link coming soon).

5. Fill portals with documents

By default an automatic import is activated so that the portal is filled with documents independently. When  importing documents, of course, the set level of trade will be considered. The content of your portals can also be defined very precisely with the help of  import rules, thus adapting your portals to your needs.

6. Using the portal

Now you have your portals ready to use. In the simplest case, just use a link to reach your portal. The respective portal opens in the Internet browser of your users and displays all documents that have been imported.

For applications that are more complex, you can use our OXOMI interfaces. They integrate OXOMI seamlessly into your website, your web shop or your ERP system. You can find more details in the "Integration" section of the help system.

You've done it now!

At this point, you could now leave with a clear conscience. If you would like to find more helpful information, just browse the Help system.

What else can be done?

We are pleased that you are interested in OXOMI and its various features and possibilities. We have comprehensively described the interesting functions of OXOMI on our information page.