As a wholesaler, you can fill your portals with documents provided by manufacturers. The mandatory requirement for the data transfer of documents, videos and item-related data are partnerships.

For the establishment of a partnership in OXOMI, a distinction is made between a partnership offer and a partnership request. Both must be confirmed by the other company before a partnership is realized.

Here the following applies:

  1. The one who requests a partnership wants to import third-party content into own portals.

  2. The one who offers a partnership wants to provide his own content for external portals.

  3. The mutual exchange of content via partnerships is not possible.

The oxomi principle

Partnership limit

Providing data in OXOMI for other users consumes partnerships. OXOMI knows the partnerships you have accepted. It does not matter if you have accepted or requested the partnership.

Your partnership limit depends on your OXOMI service package. You can upgrade the number of partnerships that you can accept at any time.

Our current pricing and further ordering information you can find in the OXOMI order form.

Weighting factor

In the majority of cases, only one partnership per partner company is consumed. But some OXOMI companies have a so-called weighting factor because of their above-average size. Depending on how big the weighting factor is, a partnership with such a company consumes more of your partnership units.

You can view the weighting factor of your partners under "All Partnerships" in the "Partner" menu of the navigation bar. The concrete weighting factor of each individual partner can be seen in the tabular overview.

Partnership limit overview