OXOMI offers the possibility to store item images (product image, line drawing, dimensional drawing, etc.). These images are displayed for instance in item data sheets within OXOMI portals or via the OXOMI interface. Use cases are for example an integration on your own website or within systems of partners (Onlineshop, ERP).

Note: The requirement to gain access to item images is one of the upgrades "Access Images" or "Access Everything", or the OXOMI enterprise service plan. Providing image files is possible with every service plan, restricted by a specific limit depending on the package.
OXOMI order form.

In order for the images to be linked to the corresponding items, so they can then be called via the OXOMI interface, the connection has to be made in OXOMI beforehand ( Upload images).

Use case: within online shops, all linked product images for specific items can be found and displayed as an on-demand service directly from OXOMI.