Mass processing

In OXOMI, mass processing is a function in the media pool, that allows you to process multiple files in one step.

In some cases, it may happen that uploaded files need to be cleaned up before they can be linked to items. This may for example be the case, when the assignment file contains the filenames without the path in the ZIP-file that was used to upload the files in the media pool. This is where the mass processing functions come into play.

Shorten paths

The tools for mass processing can be found in the media pool at the bottom left.

The "Shorten paths" option is used to remove subfolder names in ZIP files from the name of the uploaded files, to match the specific filename in an assignment file.

For that, only the part to be removed is specified in the "Prefix" field.


The "Delete files" option allows you to delete multiple objects at once from the media pool using a filter.