The first user of an OXOMI account always receives all permissions. He is therefore able to create additional users independently and assign them permissions according to their intended role in managing the OXOMI account.

The authorizations can be assigned to users individually, so that different areas of responsibility can be easily represented.

The following permissions can be assigned:

Permission Description
Manage company account

Enables the user to edit the company profile, create users, adjust their permissions and make detailed settings for portals.

Manage portal

Enables the user to configure portal content and manage portal users.

Manage content

Allows the user to manage documents, videos and other content.

Delete content

Allows the user to delete documents, videos and other content.

Manage item-related data

Allows the user to manage item data such as images or attachments.

Manage partnerships

Allows the user to manage partnerships.

Note: It doesn't make sense to give all users all rights, as this can quickly become a security risk. There also shouldn't be only one user as an account administrator with all rights - there should always be someone available who can make the necessary adjustments.