Company Profile

As a user, you are always assigned to a company in OXOMI. The company profile is used to present your company in appropriate places.

The menu item "Company" in the admin menu allows you to configure your company profile. Company data can only be changed by us. If you wish us to do so, please contact our support team at

Company and brand

Edit fields

If, in addition to the normal name of your brand, a "different name" is specified, it will be displayed in portals instead of the company name. If your brand is imported into one of your own portals, it may be necessary to enter a value in the "Supplier number" field, under which this brand is listed by you. The "Brand Priority" field defines the sorting priority of your brand, which can also be adjusted in the "Brands" menu or by import rule.


In OXOMI, manufacturers, wholesalers and associations are categorized by industries. Here you can view the predefined industries for your company. Of course, you can display all available industries here. If you wish any changes, please contact our support team at

Logo (Provider logo)

The provider (account owner) himself represents the "main brand" in OXOMI. All PDF files that the provider uploads under "Documents" are assigned to this brand. If additional brands (under the item "Brands") are created, these can be assigned optionally. Logos are scaled appropriately and should therefore not be too wide or too high to remain clearly visible. The optimal size of a logo is 80 pixels high and 210 pixels wide.


You can set a background color for the sidebar (the area to the left of the portal in which the filter options are located).

Attention! The sidebar configuration only has an effect in the old, Flash Player based portal.

If the filters are not required because there are only a few documents, a graphic can be placed into the sidebar and the filters are then hidden. This graphic should be 210 pixels wide and 600 pixels high. If the background image is smaller than 210x600 pixels, the rest of the sidebar will be filled with the specified background color.

Industries and brand logo