First Steps: Manufacturers

Having an OXOMI-Account as a supplier or manufacturer saves you and your customers time and money. According to the following steps you have important information at one go.

1. Get to know the Interface

First get used to the OXOMI-Interface. We apply modern technology to enhance easy to use software for several user groups. Browse through OXOMI which gives you a first impression.

2. Create User

In the first place decide whom of your colleagues should be responsible for OXOMI. There is no limitation regarding users in OXOMI. The administrators are entitled to control partnerships and maintain/upload documents.

Please click here for further information:  Create User.

3. Uploading documents

Now you can start uploading all kind of documents (PDF-format) e.g. price lists, catalogs, brochures, flyer or instructions. Additional media files can be uploaded as well like videos, product images and description texts.

How to upload documents and what you need to look out for can be found in the  corresponding text.

4. Partnerships

As a manufacturer and supplier you are generally asked by wholesalers for your documents. It is up to you if you want to accept the partnership requests or reject these. You also have the opportunity to take the initiative and act proactively offering wholesalers partnerships.
You will find details on the following page: Offer partnerships.

Tip: With partner roles you can control, that certain documents will only handed over to specific partners. If you would like to use this feature, please contact us via Mail

You've done it now!

At this point, you have done everything to ensure that your documents can be used properly. To be prepared for other situations, please read the following sections in the help system.

What else can be done?

We are pleased that you are interested in OXOMI and its various features and possibilities. We have comprehensively described the interesting functions of OXOMI on our information page.